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BEAM(ing) Live from San Francisco

May 14-16, 2024 - regen•era rising with the Design Science Studio...

It is time!

Join us in San Francisco for regen·era Rising: A Global Confluence for Creators of Regenerative Futures at Gray Area Grand Theatre May 14-16

Please Join us! 
Gray Area Grand Theatre 
2665 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110

Excited to see you in our floating city today, collectively harnessing our visions for a world that works for all.

The Council of regen·era

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Final Day May 16: Todays regen·era Rising Schedule

Today’s theme: Protopian Futures


1:15 pm: Shant Siyahian - The Lightning Dream-Sharing Game

2:00 - 4:00pm: Miss Velvet Cream - UpCycling Workshop (supplies provided or bring something to upcycle!)

2:30pm: Harlan Emil Gruber - Sacred Geometry and Sound in the Portal Installations

3:00pm: Ari Lazer, Timmy Villars - In The Geometer's Kitchen - A Discussion of Fascinating Shapes and What to Do With Them

3:30pm: Krishnan Unnikrishnan - Indigenous Magic for the Regenerative Era


4:30pm: Danièle Frost - Invitation: Black Mountain, North Carolina Expressive Arts Tribute to Ruth Asawa

4:45pm: Nathaniel Hogen - Nesting the world together

5:00pm: Armando Davilla - Poetry Reading: Hearing The Future

5:15pm: Ari Lazer - Immersive Emergence - A Spontaneous Improvised Cabaret

5:25pm: Wade Wallerstein - Antidisciplinary Creativity: Gray Area and the Intersection of Art & Technology

5:40pm: Jessica Semaan - Let Gaza In

5:55pm: Stuart Cowan - Open Innovation for Planetary Thriving

6:20pm: Roxi Shohadaee - The Design Science Studio

6:35pm: Ryn Delpapa, Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz - Neural Diversity and Creativity

7:05pm: Stephanie Fine Sasse - Changing Our Stories: How Cognitive Myths Shape the Way We See the World

7:30pm: Andy Lin - See Yourself Reflected [in others]

7:45pm: Harlan Emil Gruber - Conceiving Future Environments: The 12 Spiral City Arcology


8:00pm: Brian Wood Capobianchi - The Beautiful World (acoustic songs)

8:25pm: Speaker John Ash Live

8:50pm: Jurgis Didžiulis - Flux

10:20pm: Brent Hanvey - Feral Street Comedy

10:45pm: TBA

11:30pm: Close! regen·era undocks and departs!

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May 15: regen·era Rising Schedule 

1:15pm: Alai Landa - Live Reading from TJR Artifact
1:35pm: Ari Lazer - The Harmony of Space - Number, Pattern and Form in Music, Geometry and Nature
1:35pm: Pamela Giaroli - A Collective Game-Editing Game
2:20pm: Stephanie Fine Sasse - The Art & Science of Driving Change
3:20pm: Eve Rose - Voices Unleashed: Theatre of the Oppressed in Action
3:50pm: Shant Siyahian - Wise Democracy Pattern Language: A Group Exploration

4:40pm: Luana DeAngelis, Stacey Sude, Stefanie Atkinson Schwartz, Suparna Chhibber - coLab immersive, a healing art science data experience
5:30pm: Armando Davilla - Unnamed Gods
5:45pm: Jurgis Didžiulis - Flux
6:05pm: Ilana Lipsett - arteXchange
6:20pm: Bisi Orateur - Yoruba People
6:30pm: Jenny Stefanotti, Roxi Shohadaee - Theories of Systemic Change: Fireside Chat with Roxi Shohadaee and Jenny Stefanotti
7:00pm: Timmy Villars - Mind Body Heart Self + regen·era citizen cameo
7:15pm: Jenny Stefanotti, Roxi Shohadaee, Salem Jorden, Seth Bunting and Mike Zuck - Art and Systemic Change: Insights Across Mediums
7:50pm: Chad Frischmann - Regenerative Systems and Solutions

Open Connection
8:00pm: Harland Emil Gruber - Time Mirror Ambient Bass in Gallery

8:30pm: Nature Dreamweaver (Nathaniel Hogen) - Sillymony 8:45pm: Ari Lazer - Immersive Emergence - A spontaneous Improvised Cabaret
9:15pm: Bisi Obateru - Bisi DJ Set

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