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BEAM(ing) regen•era

From the land of insideout...

When I first arrived into the Design Science Studio and was asked what my project was, I shrugged my shoulders not certain how to answer this question. I knew the thread I had grasped years ago and never let go of led me to being sphere in the DSS.

In the process of listening deeply to the first year’s coHeART and the introduction of ‘backcasting’ with Tony Patrick, a conspiracy was initiated by the formless breathing life into an emergent RegenEra BEAM(ing) with Bret, Jurgis and Struppi as co-creators.

Jurgis and I met in the DSS...there was a lot of playful musically inspired improvisation as we all learned Jurgis can lure out of us. Struppi, also meeting in the DSS, is one of the most creative wordsmiths I’ve had the pleasure of playing with. Bret and I first met c.2014 when I went wandering into the noosphere again looking for eleprocon kin.

Welcome to the Backcasting Evolutionary Alliance Mediums speakeasy encouraging heARTfelt stories of how we participated in regenerating a world that works for all life.

BEAM(ing) RegenEra from the heART of the Regenaissance.

Our co-created mythOS, mythic operating systems to live by.

BEAM(ing) RegenEra arrived to give voice and context to our evolving mythOS as we navigate the sea of liminality in these times of change.

Come BEAM(ing) with us. Share your #senseof intention, your personal mythOS and passion for the Regenaissance. You’ll find both of the first two years of the DSS coHeARTs essence emanating.

Join in the fun with this transmedium backcasting troupe of troubadours and mythmakers BEAM(ing) their personal mythOS and passion into the heART of the Regenaissance.

BEAM(ing) is the sandbox for the formation and prototyping of the Backcasting Evolutionary Alliance Mediums exploration of methods of evolutionary reportage and omnidirectional communication.

BEAM(ing) RegenEra is brought to you by: The Future

Encouraged by: The Backcasting Evolutionary Alliance Mediums

Mark’s Myth is the living artifact of Mark Smith. His eleprocon epiphany in 1979 has led him on a journey arriving in the Design Science Studio launching BEAM(ing) RegenEra. 

Step into the noosphere, the commons of mind. Here you’ll find your eleprocon kin, rayfinders BEAM(ing) RegenEra sharing their personal mythOS of a world that works for all life. What’s your story, your mythic operating system that has guided you? What storyseeds are you nurturing in the Regenaissance?

Herein you’ll find reflections to a prompt as I was telling someone about the last few years, moving north into the dome home in Oregon, the effects of Buckminister Fuller on my life, the Design Science Studio, BEAM(ing) and all of these incredible people I have met and befriended.

In the course of this telling I mentioned the Eleprocon Chronicles. Then came their question... the e-lep-ro-what chronicles?

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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Mark’s Myth
Mark’s Myth
Mark Smith