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BEAM(ing) Storyseeds

The tree of life and 2birds out on a limb...

Two birds told me so

Together in breath conspiring

Storyseeds and mythsticks

Nested wordplay and archetypal threads

Listening to the lore of birds and serpents

Stories appearing on the bridge of our gnosis 

Ouroboros’ remembrances

Tails of lore and longings

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Scenes from the Last Fairytale… an emergent mythOS

2birds and the tree of life triptych was started just before the Design Science Studio commenced in 2020. The first two were painted together and the third all started while we were still in SoCal. We moved to the dHome in Oregon and eventually finished the triptych during the DSS sessions the 2nd year. 

They are painted on old tradeshow banners from our business. I had been holding onto the dated panels while in business to eventually paint over them. I hadn’t yet and then COVID closed our doors. There I was with an empty space to spread out and paint. And these emerged…

Acrylic painted on canvas 3 panels each 5’x8’

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First showing of 2birds in the wild…

The Design Science Studio was invited to produce the 40th anniversary event for the Buckminster Institute. As part of the DSS team my 2birds triptych found its way into the exhibit which was otherwise all digital projections.

As seen at the Buckminster Fuller Institute 40 year anniversary event

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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