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CyberCity San Francisco

Our 1995 documentary film in search of eleprocon kin...

From whence we came… transitioning into the age of personal computers, networking and excited sense of mind. 

In 1995 Manfred and I set out to explore the Silicone Valley and Bay Area Wired culture willing itself into being. We created this documentary film for German Television.

Is that the way we want to live? Is that the kind of people we want to become? - Howard Rheingold 1995 CyberCity San Francisco


Howard Rheingold

Mark Pence

Eric Adigard

Sabine Messner

Patricia McShane

Joe Sprarks

Will Wright

Gigi Biedermann

David Karam

Malcom Casselle

David Ellington

Desmond Crisis

Hugh and Monica Jo

Robert Semper

Students of the Nueva School

Speaker: Sabine Weber

Camera: Bernd Meiners

Sound: Melinda Rea

Editor: Armin Riegel

A film from Manfred Waffender

By Manfred Waffender and Mark Smith

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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