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eco echo earth

you are the voices... earth our living legacy

eco•echo•logue 30x30

Following is the initial journey of developing a program to support the Campaign for Nature’s 30x30 initiatives hosted by the Design Science Studio’s Pathways Hackathon.

Introducing the four primary components of the Eco-Echoes campaign created for the Campaign for Nature 30x30 initiatives…

Eco-echoes Village Theater Toolkit:

• a digital delivery of play tools for intergenerational exercises focused on bio-diversity loss, recovery and our roles in how we show up to nurture nature platform/portal to all things ecoecho:

• home to the Eco-echoes Village Theater Toolkit; shared projects repository; links to partner projects and information

Reach, partnering and distribution of all things ecoecho including high visibility events: 

• partnering with ‘Center for Humans and Nature’ and other like groups; COP event; and other focal points

All of us on board this beautiful blue dot: 

• what kind of ancestor do you want to be?

Presenting the Campaign for Nature and the challenge of our times…

focused on countries most affected by the biodiversity loss and those countries whose leaders are stalling in their financial obligations for the 30x30 commitments.

we are our ancestors:

people all ages from all over the world are reflecting upon what kind of ancestor they want to be. How they share their love for the earth. A collection that is actively growing including, children, adults, indigenous elders, influencers, world leaders and decision makers.


witness beautiful videos and images of why biodiversity matters and how earth has the capacity to regenerate if we nurture it well to stem the drastic decline of biodiversity loss due to human activities which in turn affects the climate and our living planet.

intro of 30x30 mission:

the Campaign for Nature is asking you, "what kind of ancestor do you want to be" to ensure life on earth flourishes. Learn about how you can take an active role in your future and the health of our home, earth. Discover why this initiative is critical that we get commitments and follow through in 2025 for funding by decision makers and leaders to keep 30x30 on path.

eco-echoes village theater toolkit:

discover the potential of play... download the toolkit and step into the future you know in your heart is possible.

you’ll find resources for kids/youth, teachers, school staff, theater makers, artists, heads of state, community orgs, and local community hubs.

the intention is to enchant kids and adults in "earthstories", inform/educate through digital download and/or videos, create immersive experiences that build confidence, community, and creative thinking, foster sense of right action and belonging, influence via peers.

digital toolkit components:

educational info about 30x30 campaign

specific compelling story

theater exercises

record, share, network

story types:

local and indigenous wisdom

local organism and/or natural process related to biodiversity

distant organism or natural process related to biodiversity

types of exercises:

created for various levels of participation for different ages

shapeshifting, more than human consciousness

playing out some aspect of the story

devising a short piece to share

futurecasting - what kind of ancestor do you want to be?

upload and help get the word out:

let your voice be heard, your vision be seen, your song sung…


the long view:

This campaign is regenerative in that it builds on itself over time. Different versions of the toolkit get developed, people record their experiences and build networks, new stories emerge, spin off projects and partnerships emerge. Get to watch kids develop skills and participation over time. The goal is clear and compelling. It folds in well with other visions/initiatives to partner with to affect reach.

It appeals to a lot of universals: it's interesting/compelling, playful, educational/stimulating, it gives people something to do with their "oh f*ck what do we do about all the big problems" energy… connects them to nature, reminds them that their main purpose in life is not to produce/feed status quo but to be a responsible and free creative agent in love with our living planet.


this prototype serves to help refine the presentation and understanding of the intentions for and the village theater toolkit. It is being updated in realtime as the project evolves through the prompts and feedback of the hackathon designed by the Design Science Studio and Campaign for Nature teams.

if then 01 compressor 1 Prevention: the symbology of an idea
“What kind of an ancestor do you want to be?” …if you can imagine it now and live into that story, what a flourishing world this would be!

eco•echo•logue February 16-18, 2024

Chronicling ‘many hands weaving’ journey within the Design Science Studio and Campaign for Nature hackathon focusing on stemming biodiversity loss.

Co-created by Larrisa and Mark with a special thanks to Gia for conjuring ‘eco echoes’

DAY 1: Seeding the mythelium…

Exploring the regenerative emergence of sprouting the Village Theater Toolkit and all it’s potential.

As part of the village theater toolkit there is an educational component that includes a number of compelling stories related to biodiversity. The toolkit will be designed for intergenerational participation. Additionally, the village theater toolkit creates the conditions for more stories to emerge as people get inspired to do their own research and develop their own relationships and understanding. Participants who engage in the toolkit will be asked to create videos and other media to contribute to social media campaigns. The village theater toolkit has the ability to inspire other creative projects related to the campaign for nature as time goes on. For example, a documentary series about people using the toolkit to encourage and instigate.

Participatory arts gets people committed to causes, nourishes the need for communal experience, highlights the "positive deviants" (those who take it upon themselves to make the necessary changes, brave innovators), builds skills, and creates a complex "buzz" around the Campaign for Nature.

This becomes a regenerative campaign that breathes life into the 30X30 goals. Empowering the project network to weave into and out of itself encouraging new spores… #ecoechoearth

DAY 2: What kind of ancestor do you want to be…

Prototyping today incorporating the insights of Adah Parris when we ask ourselves, “what kind of ancestor do you want to be?”

Focusing on immediate mentor feedback as well as reaching out for new voices to confirm/alter/refine concepts and intentions.

Mapping the path forward…

DAY 3: Welcome to and the village theater toolkit…

Feeling into the presentations today as the hackathon comes to a close, its time to manifest and give voice to the initiative.

Why us, why now, why this. We started the day with asking ourselves these questions…

After hours of focus to get it all together we had one rehearsal and then time to sprout…

Eco•Echo•Earth: original Pitch Deck and Presentation Video

Next steps: waiting on presentation review feedback

The narrative of "eco echo earth" highlights:
  1. Interconnectedness: It underscores the interconnected nature of ecosystems and human activities. Every action we take has a ripple effect on the environment and all living beings.

  2. Responsibility: It emphasizes our responsibility as stewards of Earth to safeguard its resources and biodiversity for present and future generations.

  3. Legacy: It prompts reflection on the legacy we leave behind for future inhabitants of the planet. Our choices today shape the world that future generations will inherit.

  4. Action: It inspires action towards regenerative living practices, conservation efforts, and advocacy for environmental protection and justice.

  5. Community: It fosters a sense of community and collective responsibility among individuals and organizations committed to evolving a more regenerative and resilient world.

In essence, "eco echo earth" encourages us to listen to the echoes of our ecological footprint, recognize our interconnectedness with Earth, and strive to leave a positive and enduring legacy for generations to come.

'Eco' brings to mind the intricate dance of life, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the delicate balance that sustains our ecosystems. It's a reminder of our place within the larger web of life and our responsibility to this balance.

'Echo' suggests the reverberations of our actions and decisions, a call to remember that our actions have consequences that ripple through time and space, affecting not just us but the world around us, now and in the future.

'Earth' is our shared home, a testament to resilience, diversity, and the potential for regeneration. Our sacred source of life. Gaia.

presented by co-creators: Larrisa Kaul and Mark Smith

eco•echo•logue March 3, 2024

Acceptance letter:

On behalf of both the Design Science Studio & Campaign For Nature teams, we want to extend our heartfelt congratulations to your team for emerging as one of the selected winning teams of our regenerative design challenge.

Your innovative idea to mobilize public pressure on global leaders and politicians to fund biodiversity conservation stood out to the judges in our challenge. We couldn't be more thrilled to see your vision recognized and celebrated, and ultimately come to fruition!

Eco-Echoes Village Theatre Toolkit was selected because:

1. connect kids, parents and community to the stewardship of the future as well as putting pressure on Heads of State with a call to action all done in a highly embodied way.

2. toolkit makes the content of the project very scalable and could be adapted and span across geographical spaces.

3. it is a realistic budget to pilot.

As you embark on the journey to bring your idea into reality, please know that you have our support along the way. We are here to provide guidance, resources, and assistance to help you maximize the impact of your project and amplify its reach. As part of the Pathways Program, the team at Campaign for Nature will enter a 5 week mentorship program with your team.

During this mentorship window, your team will need to present at the DSS Salon, Invisible Visible. Over the course of this 5 week period, your team and the CFN team will be working together to find ways to refine and deliver a pilot of your project idea into something that Campaign for Nature can feature. The 5 week period will commence on Monday, March 11.

🌈🌱🌎 …onward!

…engaging eco-echoes village theater toolkit…

eco•echo•logue March 6, 2024

And then this beautiful path forward makes itself apparent…

eco•echo•logue March 11, 2024

#thinkingoutloud artifact from today’s gathering with the selected three teams…

eco•echo•logue March 14, 2024

Enter 2birds… eco and echo:

#thinkingoutloud artifact from today and how 2birds entered the story. How they carry a birds eye view of what to do… a story co-created by we and you…

“look out!” squawked one of two birds

“look in” cooed the other…

Introducing Eco the Spix's Macaw and Echo the Blakiston's Fish Owl, and how they will help tell the story of biodiversity loss and environmental stewardship…

From the lush rainforests of the Amazon to the ancient woodlands of the Russian Far East, two extraordinary feathered beings have emerged as emissaries of earth.

Meet Eco, a vibrant Spix's macaw whose plumage shimmers in striking shades of blue. Alongside him soars Echo, a magnificent Blakiston's fish owl - one of the world's largest species whose powerful wings span wider than a human's outstretched arms.

Though an unlikely duo, these emissaries of the environment from opposite ends of earth share an unbreakable bond and a desperate cause.

With less than 200 Spix's macaws remaining in the wild, Eco's very existence teeters on the brink of extinction, a stark reality facing over a million species at risk of disappearing forever. Echo's own ancestral forest home continues shrinking every day.

Prepare to join Eco and Echo on their birds-eye views learning and laughing during their lively exchanges as effervescent Eco mimics the facts while benevolent Echo coos the classic questions we all ponder, "Who, who? What, what? Where, where? Why, why? When, when?"

Most importantly, get ready to open your eyes, ears and hearts to the wondrous diversity of life that is our home as they ask us to embody the question, “what kind of ancestor do you want to be?”

listening to eco and echo in the process of their evolution… revealing the underpainting as they offer suggestions of how we may manifest as ancestors

Eco the Spix's Macaw

- A brilliantly colored, medium-sized parrot species native to the shrinking caatinga forests of eastern Brazil

- Represents the vibrant biodiversity found in tropical rainforest ecosystems of the global south

- Incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable, able to spout statistics and scientific facts rapidly 

- Sometimes gets carried away data-dumping information that can overwhelm the audience

- Full of energetic curiosity about the natural world and eagerness to explore and learn

- His species' critically endangered status (only 180 left in the wild) makes him the "canary in the coal mine" for biodiversity crises

Echo the Blakiston's Fish Owl

- One of the largest owl species in the world, hailing from the old-growth forests of eastern Russia

- Represents ancient environmental wisdom and traditional ecological knowledge, especially from Asian cultures

- A wise, patient, and insightful elder, but often has to play catch-up to grasp Eco's frantic explanations

- Asks the relatable "who/who, what/what" questions to break down complex concepts into simpler terms

- Her powerful presence and demeanor command respect for the natural world

- Her own endangered status in the wild highlights how even mighty species face threats

Together, this parrot and owl duo from opposite hemispheres form an entertaining odd couple united in their mission to protect global biodiversity. Their contrasting personalities, abilities, and backgrounds create a dynamic where:

- The younger, extroverted Eco enthusiastically raises awareness through his wealth of facts and figures

- The older, measured Echo helps give context and perspective to resonate on a deeper level

- Their banter and physical size mismatch provide humorous moments to engage young audiences 

- Yet they are both under threat, inspiring kids to take action against biodiversity loss

Through their adventures crossing ecosystems from Brazilian rainforests to Russian taiga, marine environments to urban jungles, Eco and Echo showcase the incredible richness of life on Earth. By working together despite their differences, they model how we all must cooperate globally to be stewards for the planet's irreplaceable biodiversity.

In essence, this parrot and owl duo conjure entertainment, education, and environmentalism in the push to ensure our world's wondrous species like themselves don't disappear forever. Their stories celebrate nature's diversity while inspiring kids and adults to help preserve it for generations to come.

Their’s is an invitation to embody the spirit of ancestors of the more than human world.

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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