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Gryphelant the Grieflutist

Echoes of an emergent mythOS...
No avoiding the Gryphelant in sphere… wending their way in the world

Once the sound of the grieflute seeped into my being I knew the Gryphelant must be nearby. Gryphelant came to be for me at the beginning of 2023. Not sure why they appeared at first yet I knew there was something very special about their trunk and the music they can lure us all into. It was when Amanda Joy Ravenhill shared in the Design Science Studio’s coheART3 that her breakout group engaged in wordplay and came up with the ‘grieflute’ my heart expanded. Then it came to me, the clue I was looking for… Gryphelant and griefluent sound so similar to each other there must be a story therein. That’s when I reached out to Struppi to see if he could compose and play the grieflute with the Gryphelant. Sharing my gratitude for the inspiration revealing the grace and intention of the Gryphelant…

Grieflute recording by Struppi
Eleprocon, eleprocon
tell me an age old secret
eleprocon, eleprocon
where do you hide and keep it
you started with a word
this I have heard
and now I intend to seek it…


An artful synergy of lion, eagle, and elephant, the Gryphelant is a creature that has no natural predators. Its size and strength, combined with its speed, agility, birds eye view and nurturing matriarchal characteristics make her a formidable life force, a supererogatory positive deviant.

In many mythological traditions creatures that have no predators are seen as archetypes of regenerative resilience. They exist in a state of balance and harmony within their environment as interbeings able to navigate the challenges of the world, not as reactionaries but refractionaries.

The Gryphelant is a being of great power and strength, but unlike the Minotaur or the proverbial bull loose in the kitchen, they move with grace and intention not wielding power recklessly or without forethought for the potential consequences of their actions.

For many moons Gryphelant were forgotten… unnoticed, unseen, and unheard. They were the Gryphelant in the room, a powerful presence that went unrecognized and unacknowledged.

It took generations but people once again deeply sensed the beauty and resonant wisdom in Gryphelant's breadth of their beaming grieflute. They recognized the divine power and intuitive grace of this mythical creature and began to seek out her trusted guidance.

Gryphelant is the lore of desire for the power and peace that lies within us all longing to be recognized and gifted to the greater good. Like the Gryphelant, we all have the potential to make a positive impact on the world around us, but it is up to each of us to acknowledge that power and use it wisely.

Through the story of Gryphelant we are reminded of the importance of valuing the unique strengths and gifts that each of us brings to the world. We are reminded that even the most powerful and awe-inspiring beings can be gentle and compassionate, and that true strength lies in wisdom and empathy, not in brute force.

May the tales of Gryphelant flourish throughout the noosphere, our commons of mind. Enriching the mythelium of our mythic operating systems encouraging the conspiracy and co-creation sphere in eairth betwixt and between this last fairytale and our emergent mythOS.

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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