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Mark's Myth comes alive in Ideapod

Looking back at My Ideapod interview recorded in 2017 puts me right in the middle of when I started with their beta launch in 2014 and wandered further outward into the noosphere around 2019.

I am ever so grateful that I found my way to Ideapod. It was perfect timing for the synchronicities to inspire me to utilize their new platform for creating and relating ideas with one image and 1,000 characters. I did exactly this for years. All my own drawings, photography, collages, lots of ideas, poetry, and writings were shared.

Justin and Mark first meeting in 2014

“Our overriding focus is to shed light on the way in which external forces shape our collective realities — and the impact this has on our individual pursuit of self-knowledge and fulfillment.” - Justin Brown, Ideapod Founder

I approached Ideapod with the intention to hack it. I was determined to use what had been developed and make the best of it as is, all the while playing with its potential, giving feedback to the Ideapod team and sharing with the Ideapod Community. Justin and crew embraced their users ideas and ideals by listening carefully to feedback. 

I had forgotten how much I had created until I recently went to my archives to update the eleprocon chronicles. I couldn’t just go to their website and see all of my original postings in the cloud as they had disappeared, completely. Back in 2018 from one day to the next, a glitch in the matrix, poof…gone!

Strangely, and fortunately, days before it all became inaccessible I had posted about the risks of journaling in the cloud. And I had taken screen shots of many of my posts. Some of which follows…

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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Mark Smith