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Ecosphere of The Last Fairytale

mythOS in the making

Encouraging 2birds with one seed…

The ancient storyseed, 2birds and the tree of life, evolved as our mythic operating system of human nature immersed in the cosmos.

This mythOS steeped in metaphor presents the double-bind of life within each of us, our place within society and within earth’s ecosystem.

These 2birds dwell inseparably on the same tree. One bird eats the fruit while the other merely watches.

The bitter-sweet taste of life rattles our sense of being spinning us in circles. Yet deep within we also know the peace of just being, observing without judgement.

This is who we are. These are the voices in our heads that keep us in, and out of balance.

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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