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The #senseof 2birds

Pied Pipers of Perception...

Student, teacher, mentor, yelder, elder, muse: the tribe in me…

The ancient storyseeds, 2birds and the tree of life, evolved as our mythic operating system of human nature immersed in the cosmos.

This mythOS steeped in metaphor presents the double-bind of life within each of us, our place within society and earth’s ecosystem.

These 2birds dwell inseparably on the same tree. One bird eats the fruits while the other merely watches.

The bitter-sweet taste of life rattles our #senseof being spinning us in circles. Yet deep within we also know the peace of just being, observing without judgement.

This is who we are. These are the voices in our heads that keep us in, and out of balance.

Two birds told me so

together in breath conspiring

storyseeds and mythsticks

nested wordplay and archetypal threads

listening to the lore of birds and serpents

stories appearing on the bridge of our gnosis 

ouroboros’ remembrances

tails of lore and longings

african folklore’s ancient love birds

persian’s simorgh and homa’s healing powers

Norse tales of huginn and muninn attuning humanity to listen

the mimicking lyre birds of australia echoing forth paths of eons

birds of a different feather daedalus and icarus’ fall from hither

the eagle and the condor’s prophecy of our times

2birds and the tree of life

branches of deeply rooted stories

the mythelium entwined

vessels confluence of song

carried by the winds


divine and concur 


what we’ve heard


we’re more than words

intuitively in accord

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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