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mythOS in the making

Mark's Myth: Storyseeds & Mythsticks

The sense of ineffable 

when the tree of life 

whispers words 

are not enough 

Mythilium, 2birds 

and Ouroboros 

gently chiming in 

from the land of insideout

nourishing deeply rooted stories

Herein lies a tree full of stories carved from a rescued portion of pine who conferred with me in this lore of tree, this mythOS long in the making with no end in sight.

Fear not Ouroboros the serpent, archetype of regeneration, retelling the tale of divine and concur sung by 2birds in the tree of life from the land of insideout. 

For those of you who have tagged along this journey of tree and me, we thank you for the love and encouragement. Finding a way to share such a large three dimensional, tactile experience through the screen will never suffice, yet there is a layer of digital artifacts that can reach deep into our souls stirring a sense of awe. I hope this strikes a cord for you...

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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Mark’s Myth
Mark’s Myth
Mark Smith