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Rare Birds

Embodying 2birds Eco and Echo...

eco•echo•logue 30x30

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If not for my friends, 2birds, I might have never heard of “ecoecho” nor taken their prompting to pick up the brush and heed their bit of a push to give this story legs.

Its the call the of the wild. That whisper of divine and concur. The sense of being intuitively in accord. Embracing and embodying eairth and all its inhabitants.

Without the i in eairth we miss what keeps us afloat. The wind under our wings. The breath when we sing. The i within. Eairth.

Take flight with 2bird’s eye view. Murmurations of meaning. Echoes of our ecology. Storyseeds and mythsticks.

Call and Response…

eco and echo came to life as 2birds do

asking questions of me and you

you can hear them cooing

who, who

as they have a tendency

to do, do

inviting us

all aflutter

full of

lore and longings

looking in

looking out

that’s what they care about

the story of eairth


in the making



When speaking with John Hausdoerffer, editor of "What Kind of Ancestor Do You Want to Be?" I had told him that in fact my 2birds got me entangled in these nested stories years ago then recently prompted me to paint eco and echo. He reflected back to me they are my ancestors. I feel that deeply as does my family. The flock drawing is from one of our daughters years ago on my birthday.

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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