Eco and Echo Playtime

The following is a transcript from the first meeting between Eco, Echo, and a few humans that decided to listen carefully to what they were saying.

Birds of a Feather

Artifacts of a future past… 2birds, storyseeds and mythsticks

Rare Birds

If not for my friends, 2birds, I might have never heard of “ecoecho” nor taken their prompting to pick up the brush and heed their bit of a push to give this story legs

Eco-Echoes Village Theater Toolkit

Evolving eco echo earth with Larissa in India and Mark in Cascadia. This video was created for the DSS Invisible/Visible Salon, featuring 2birds and John Hausdoerffer…

E for Eco Echo Earth

Birds of a feather, storytellers, artists, puppeteers, gamifiers, researchers, ecologists, biologists, troubadours and conjurers of the mythelium this invitation is for you…

eco•echo•logue 30x30

Following is the initial journey of developing a program to support the Campaign for Nature’s 30x30 initiatives hosted by the Design Science Studio’s Pathways Hackathon

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The #senseof 2birds

Together in breath conspiring. Storyseeds and mythsticks. Nested wordplay and archetypal threads. Tails of lore and longings. 2birds told me so

The #senseof 2birds

Seeding the mythelium…

Exploring the regenerative emergence of sprouting the Village Theater Toolkit and all it’s potential.

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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