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E for Eco Echo Earth

2birds and a cast of characters...

Introducing Eco the Spix's Macaw and Echo the Blakiston's Fish Owl and how they might help tell the story of biodiversity loss and environmental stewardship.

Birds of a feather, storytellers, artists, puppeteers, gamifiers, researchers, ecologists, biologists, troubadours and conjurers of the mythelium this invitation is for you!

Help envision eco echo earth taking flight with the Eco-Echoes Village Theater Toolkit conjured for the Campaign for Nature’s 30x30 initiative.

listening to eco and echo in the process of their evolution… revealing the underpainting as they offer suggestions of how we may manifest as ancestors

From the lush rainforests of the Amazon to the ancient woodlands of the Russian Far East, two extraordinary feathered beings have emerged as emissaries of earth.

Meet Eco, a vibrant Spix's macaw whose plumage shimmers in striking shades of blue. Alongside him soars Echo, a magnificent Blakiston's fish owl - one of the world's largest species whose powerful wings span wider than a human's outstretched arms.

Though an unlikely duo, these emissaries of the environment from opposite ends of earth share an unbreakable bond and a desperate cause.

With less than 200 Spix's macaws remaining in the wild, Eco's very existence teeters on the brink of extinction, a stark reality facing over a million species at risk of disappearing forever. Echo's own ancestral forest home continues shrinking every day reminding us they are also an endangered species.

Prepare to join Eco and Echo on their birds-eye views learning and laughing during their lively exchanges as effervescent Eco mimics the facts while benevolent Echo coos the classic questions we all ponder, "Who, who? What, what? Where, where? Why, why? When, when?"

Most importantly, get ready to open your eyes, ears and hearts to the wondrous diversity of life that is our home as they ask us to embody the question from more than simply a human perspective, “what kind of ancestor do you want to be?”

Follow the emergence of eco and echo during the Campaign for Nature and DSS hackathon focusing on the 30x30 initiative…

Meet the instigators of this flight of fancy to find those who are inspired by nature’s biodiversity and wish to help eco and echo find their voices…

The Eleprocon Chronicles

Eleprocon mythOS 2birds BEAMing noosphere

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